POS Interface
             POS (Point of Sale) integration with DVR creates a powerful loss prevention solution for any retail application that deals with theft and internal shrinkage. Both ETS and ETZ series support POS integration where POS transactions are overlaid onto video prior to recording as well as the capability for users to search video associated with any POS transaction activities. For the ultimate loss & internal shrinkage prevention, ETS series DVRs support integration with Shrink Trax™ software by Trax Retail Solutions. With this solution, ETS users can track any video associated with exception based reports that Shrink Trax software generates, exceptions being any abnormal or unusual transaction activities.
RAID Configuration
             RAID refers to various configurations within a computer server that combines multiple hard drives into a single logical unit for optimized performance and data protection. Once a RAID configuration is implemented into a DVR, it comes equipped with essentially two very important things - optimized protection against video data loss and input / out put performance. With many companies dealing with critical video information on a daily basis, it's become absolutely imperative to implement various RAID configurations as protection against data loss and mismanagement. With this importance in mind, we offer various RAID configurations integrated into our entire line of PC based DVR products.
             For specific needs and applications, these are the different RAID configurations available:
             RAID 1 - This is a solution for applications where duplication of primary storage data is needed. With this configuration, data will be written to not only the primary storage drive / drives but the second drive / set of drives that are matched in capacity simultaneously, creating instant data backup. This essentially provides what's typically called “redundancy”.
             RAID 5 - RAID 5 is a popular RAID configuration where three or more physical drives are combined in a way that protects data from loss on any one of the disks. For example, in a DVR that has RAID-5 configured with three 250GB HDDs, if any one of the drives fail, parity sections from the other two drives will recover lost data from the failed drive.
Extended Storage
             With Eastman's extended storage solution, it's now possible to have enough video storage for up to 1 year*. EVSS-12II extended storage server also comes with the convenience of hot-swappable HDD bays (x12) and supports various RAID options (JBOD, 1 & 5 in particular) for optimal performance and data protection. For any applications requiring large video storage capacity, EVSS-12II is the ultimate solution.